Dorothy Enriquez is a phenomenal life coach!!! During her Day Dream On Purpose sessions she not only encourages you to Dream Big but forces you to get into alignment about your life! Daydream on Purpose isn’t your typical vision board party where you plan out your vision for the full year, it’s a vision for the next six months! In doing so, you’re more focused, determined and your goals are more achievable. Daydream on Purpose doesn’t end at creating the vision! She makes you present your vision to all those in the session. This helps you have accountability buddies! Sessions allow you to set goals and create a solid plan for your life while gal pal bounding and/ or meet new friends. Dorothy is creative, smart and an excellent teacher! It’s amazing how you can write the vision, speak it into the atmosphere and see it all come into existence! I’d highly recommend anyone to attend Daydream On Purpose!!! You won’t regret it!

- Tawanna J. (Daydream On Purpose Participant)

The Communication Strategist 2020. 

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