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Renovate Your Mind

Life is a beach. And sometimes it’s a whole hurricane. But, honestly, I can’t tell you how often in these podcasts, newsletters, sermons and even commencement speeches I devour, the constant mention of perspective. The experience each of us has can be directly correlated to our perspective; our particular attitude and point of view towards whatever is going on around us.

So how does perspective play in the space of our day to day? So glad you asked girl. So many of us take life ‘as its coming’. And what I mean by that is we have a ‘waiting stance’. We wake up and ‘wait’ to see how we are going to feel and then make moves from there. If something good happens or we see something motivating on social media, we then decide all is well with the world. Our mind tells us that it’s a good day.

On the flip side, let’s say we get a wild text, work is calling and snapping AND we almost slip in the shower (and at our age…the body don’t like those sudden jolts)….Lord! it’s a Lemony Snicket kind of day and everything starts sucking from that point on. What am I saying then?

By renovating our mind the way we renovate our social media at the end of every year, we can transform our perspective and how we experience this thing called life. We are quick to cleanse and scrub our social media pages. We delete or block haters, naysayers, rowdy ratchets and the like. Once we are over the nonsense, we essentially purge. Which is great! Why don’t we do the same with our mind?! Why not clear mental space so we can make room for the ‘us’ we were always meant to be? Renovate your mind fellow enterpriser and dream chaser. I will stand with you in my Wonder Woman stance (it actually works!) as we go it together in this new age of freedom. Because that’s where freedom starts….in our mind.

The Communication Strategist 2020. 

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