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Thank You Side Chick

I had met this guy in the dark. That was problem number one. I never believed the whole ‘it was dark in the bar’ excuse, but it’s real. And it’s a red flag.

We were on our first AND last date; I was unimpressed. We went to a park to listen to live music. I had a chair which he never once offered to carry. Don’t get me wrong, I can carry my own stuff—it is the principle. He did not get the memo about chivalry.

I carried the chair ten miles uphill both ways and worked up an appetite. We decided to make our way to a nearby restaurant. He saw a woman he knew, greeted her and gave her a hug that lingered too long. He made a trip to the bathroom which took eons and ten minutes later, the same woman was standing between us asking me 21 questions. It felt like I was being punked. I’ve only seen nonsense like that in movies.

It turned out she was the side chick. Not only was this man messing with her and probably a gaggle of other women who don’t know about one another, he was also engaged. She was adamant that they had a thing going and wanted to make sure I knew the details. She suggested I enjoy my dinner with this new knowledge. I politely declined and suggested she stay. My chair and I vacated the premises.

So what’s my point? These hoes ain’t loyal! If you’re married or in a serious relationship, hold onto love! You do not want to be in these streets girl. And to put a bow on the shenanigans that went down during my dating career in MKE, the side chick saw me at Jazz in the Park a week later and broke her neck to say hi and ask me how I was doing. WHAT!? #HotMess

God works in mysterious ways. He always brings the darkness into the light. That situation was awkward, unnerving and at some points, scary. But better to find out right away than to ride a rollercoaster of madness only to realize he is just a boy dressed up like a man. Thank you Side Chick. You did me a favor. #GladImOutTheseStreets

The Communication Strategist 2020. 

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