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Let the Good In

This article was originally featured in Ambition Magazine

When you shine a light in the dark places, you let the good in.

Get Comfy with Failure

What is darkness? And what does it mean to shine a light in the dark places?

Darkness is the unknown—unchartered waters only the foolish or the well prepared dare to explore. Peruse any history book. You’ll read about explorers who dared to do the unthinkable and potentially sail right off the planet. Those same history books will depict tales of failed expeditions and journeys that cost many pioneers their lives. To go into the darkness is to get comfortable with what will be revealed in the light.

Entrepreneurship is a journey, an expedition of sorts, into the darkness. As an entrepreneur you shine a light in the dark places: untapped ideas, niche ventures and under explored products and services.

If I could only pick two life lessons for the Adventures of an Entrepreneur, I would choose: get comfortable with failure and celebrate the wins. Winston Churchill said, “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

When the lights go out on your dreams, you have to speak your hopes back into existence. Failure is how we learn. The next time you fail, give yourself a hand clap and start a New Orleans 2nd Line. Why? Because you tried.

How many people do you know who achieved greatness without falling on their faces in such creative ways that you couldn’t make it up if you tried? The difference between the successful and the rest is simple. The successful don’t quit. They are relentless. ‘No’ is just a stepping stone to ‘yes’. Their souls are on fire to complete the mission. What sets your soul on fire?

Light Your Life on Fire

To shine a light in the darkness is to trust. Trust what you remembered to be true in the light. When you fail, your journey back to trust is guarded and trepid. To shine your light in the darkness is to be bold and fearless. It is a testament to your level of awareness. The lights have blown out on many a dream. You are not the first. There are plenty of ‘almost successfuls’ milling in darkness.

Light your life on fire. Be so bright that others will wake up and smell the passion. You were not designed to horde your gifts. Your light is precious. And to replenish it, you must share it with others.

I don’t think you realize how many people are relying on your journey. They are depending on you not to give up. When you’re in the middle, you’re too far from where you were and still far from where you’re going. Your only option: light it up! What sets your soul on fire?

Be a Light to Others

When you’re failing left and right, the ugly cry becomes a monthly and in some cases a weekly occurrence. But, you know you win right? You are victorious. Failure is a bully.

You lurch your fists towards the heavens and cry out for a miracle or an anvil to take you out of your misery. Either way, you must continue to dust yourself off. You wipe the mud from your face. You are no quitter. You never, never, never give up.

Charles M. Schwab said, “A person can succeed at almost anything for which they have unlimited enthusiasm.” What sets your soul on fire?

Once you know what you were designed to give back to others, you must reside in that space. It was created just for you. You’ll light up your life. Your light will shine brightly and help everyone depending on you to find their way through the dark and less traveled path called entrepreneurship.

Relish in your light. Your illumination is beautiful. Your passion inspires. Your determination motivates. You’re a fearless entrepreneur. Let the good in and enjoy this journey. You’ll never experience anything like it. Prepare your spirit for the most amazing voyage of self-discovery, endurance and resilience. You do not want to forget your pilgrimage. You’re on your way to the pinnacle of what it means to be a fabulous, ambitious and brilliant business woman. The pressure, the fire and the refinement will produce a light so bright; no one can deny your shine. The naysayers will have no choice but to let your good in. #shineon

The Communication Strategist 2020. 

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