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What's a Communication Strategist?

I am your leadership and development sherpa. I help you and your team take a look at the role of leadership from a human communication standpoint. This brings together 15 years of experience in adult learning, instructional design, leadership and personal development.

How We Work Together?

I partner with you to figure out what's the need? 

I'll ask you what your goals are and how I can help?

I will partner with you to set objectives for you and your team.

And the ultimate win is tying in leadership and communication.


The Goal

Through communication you and your team can make the connections between leadership, performance, and results through powerful communication.

When we can communicate clearly, we can unlock the power of progress, relationship and teamwork.

Services Provided

Facilitation & Training: Instructor Led, Web Based Training & Custom Courseware or Off the Shelf Content


Public speaking: panel moderation, voice over, emcee, motivational/inspirational keynotes


Additional Services

Other communication services I offer are public speaking skills for leaders and executives, personal 1:1 writing classes for entrepreneurs and bloggers, voice overs and communication brain storm, strategy and planning for small businesses.


The Communication Strategist 2020. 

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